Here at Pacific Pellet our philosophy of doing business is simple. Focus on your employees, pay attention to your customers and produce a high quality product at a reasonable price. Success is simply a by-product of following these principals.

Our management team at Pacific Pellet has a successful track record developing companies and growing them into profitable corporations. Along the way, a great deal of emphasis is given to the community where we reside. By investing locally it not only strengthens the community by providing jobs and stimulating local economies, but also provides for a healthier corporate and economic environment. Pacific Pellet demonstrates this commitment by actively participating in activities that benefit the local community and its citizens.

Pacific PelletWe believe that our greatest asset is our people. Surrounding ourselves with personnel who have a solid work ethic, positive attitudes, innovative ideas and who are respectful of one another will resonate with our customers and vendors. We are committed to creating an environment where people enjoy what they are doing, feel appreciated, have a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work. By achieving these goals and adhering to sound business practices, we are confident that Pacific Pellet will be an extraordinary Oregon-based business.

Company Vision

Pacific Pellet is a renewable energy company dedicated to the production of densified biomass fuels satisfying the growing demand for innovative energy solutions. Pacific Pellet will manufacture a suite of premium residential and industrial products utilizing biomass resources that are renewable and sustainable. From the largest co-fire energy plants, to the cost-conscientious utility districts, and to the most discriminating home heating user, Pacific Pellet will provide exceptional fuel products satisfying a wide spectrum of energy applications.

  • Pacific Pellet is built on the principle of making quality products, providing exceptional service, and establishing a more personal relationship with our customers and business partners.

  • Pacific Pellet is dedicated to the advancement and promotion of renewable biomass energy sources including various species of wood, agricultural residues and dairy by-products.

  • Pacific Pellet, by listening to our customer needs, will produce brands, set trends, improve standards, and create unique custom-energy solutions.

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