Premium Horse & Animal Bedding

100% Natural Bedding


Stable Master Premium Horse and Animal Bedding wood pellets suppresses ammonia odor while providing superior moisture absorption. Wood pellets brighten an animal’s living environment, reduces insect attraction, helps animals stay healthier and is an environmentally friendly product.

Manufacturer Suggested Use For Horses:

•  Clean out stall completely of old bedding.
•  Evenly spread 5-6 bags of Stable Master per stall.
•  After spreading you may mist Stable Master with water to soften initial appearance or control potential dust.
•  On a daily basis clean all dropping and shake off excess wood.
•  Stable Master will "puff up" during urine absorption, open these wet areas daily and mix with dry Stable Master.
•  After 2-3 weeks some areas will be saturated and product will have a cake like appearance. Remove these areas from the stall.
•  At this point, add one bag per week to freshen.
•  Continue weekly for 2-4 weeks.
•  Stable Master is extremely cost efficient. Eight to nine bags should last a minimum of 6 weeks; however, daily maintenance and proper usage is critical.

Small Animals:

•  Thoroughly clean the cage or litter box before placing new material.
•  Place up to a 1 inch depth of pellets in your pets’ cage or litter box. For smaller pets– rats, gerbils, hamsters, etc. the depth should be about knee high. The natural absorbency of the pellets will increase the depth during usage.
•  Remove solid waste regularly.
•  The natural clumping of the wood makes for easy clean-up. You can dispose of it in your garden or compost. Add more pellets as needed.
•  Clean thoroughly every 2-3 weeks.
•  It won’t take long for you to find the perfect depth for your pet. If you are concerned about resistance, mix with usual litter to start.


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