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100% Douglas Fir


From the fine folks at Pacific Pellet, welcome! Come in, relax and put your feet up. Enjoy the natural and comforting warmth brought to you by Pacific Pellet.

Nestled in the heart of Oregon’s high desert mountains, Pacific Pellet offers you a premium wood pellet that is sure to provide you with an unsurpassed renewable source of heat, compliments of Mother Nature.

Deeply entrenched in the rich tradition of the Pacific Northwest’s timber industry, Pacific Pellet is proud to be a manufacturer of premium wood pellets utilizing clean forest by-products produced from Northwest sawmills and Forest Stewardship programs.

Whether you find yourself amid the bone chilling coastal downpours, Cascade mountain snowstorms or the frigid temperatures of the high desert regions, heating your home with Pacific Pellet fuel is a cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient way to take the nip out of those chilly winter nights.

Pacific Pellet fuel burns hot and burns clean. So give us a try. We’re confident you’ll be thrilled burning our premium wood pellets.


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