100% Doug Fir Wood Pellets

Out of the gate, Pacific Pellet will focus on the production of a premium grade residential home heating fuel. Our wood pellets burn hot, and they burn clean, which means your experience burning Pacific Pellets will no doubt, be a positive one!

At Pacific Pellet, we understand wood pellet consumers have numerous choices. That is precisely why we have an unwavering commitment to quality assurance programs that ensure our commitment to excellence.

It is true that “all wood pellets are not created equal.” And to prove this, Pacific Pellet goes to great lengths to secure superior wood products from the most desirable forest species. Our wood pellets are made from a 100% Doug Fir with absolutely no foreign additives, insures your wood pellet appliance works cleanly and efficiently. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Our goal: earn your business and keep you as a satisfied customer. You can be assured that Pacific Pellet will continually strive to exceed your expectations for exceptional value. We stake our reputation on it!

Product Development—Future Bio Energy Production

Pacific PelletA quick glimpse from the 30,000 foot level will reveal that Pacific Pellet has big plans for the future. To be more specific, Pacific Pellet anticipates the development of a variety of compressed energy products utilizing problematic biomass resources, including agricultural residues, dairy waste products, and of course, wood fiber.

Whether it’s pellets, bricks, pucks or logs, Pacific Pellet will be offering blended varieties of biomass feedstock resources to satisfy an increasing demand for alternative energy sources that are renewable, cost effective and retain a high heating value.

Behind the scenes, Pacific Pellet will work diligently testing multiple combinations of biomass materials to find the perfect blends for commercial boiler applications, residential home heating and larger utility co-generation facilities. By utilizing an abundance of local renewable waste products within Oregon, the production and consumption of these clean energy products within communities throughout Oregon, ensures sustainability for the future.

At Pacific Pellet, we subscribe to thinking “out of the box” which we believe will foster the creation of innovative heating solutions. These customized clean energy products will successfully compete against conventional heating sources such as electricity, heating oil and natural gas.

So, stay in touch. We’re confident you’ll be impressed with what’s to come in product development.

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